B-12 Transdermal Patches are Superior & Easier to use than Daily Pills, Sublinguals or Shots!

If you are like most people who suffer from low levels of vitamin B12 you either get your B12 from a prescribed shot, sublingualy administer drops under your tongue or taking daily vitamins that may not be absorbed properly through the digestive system.

A B12 patch is so easy to use, you just shower and before applying any cream or topical substance apply your B12 transdermal patch and forget about it.

Health professionals agree that transdermal patches are a superior delivery system ESPECIALLY for vitamin B12 because the vitamin is readily absorbed into the system and by-passes the digestive system where absorption problems may occur.

Our B12 transdermal patches are not painful like a shot
You don’t have to remember to always take your vitamins
You don’t have to taste the sublingual formula or remember not to swallow

Transdermal literally means through the skin. When you apply a vitamin B12 transdermal patch to your skin that nutritional supplement goes directly into your bloodstream through the skin this important nutrient is slowly absorbed into the bloodstream for immediate use and availability by your body.

What Happens when you take Vitamin Pills?

First you need to remember to take them daily! Your vitamin pill is swallowed with or without other substances, it travels to your stomach and goes through a 4 hour process where powerful digestive acids start breaking down food and vitamins to be used by your body.

After the stomach goes through the digestive process the intrinsic factor, a compound secreted in the stomach, delivers b12 to the small intestines where it is absorbed into the bloodstream, into your cells and throughout your body.

If you lack the intrinsic factor that bonds to the B12 then very little if any B12 is absorbed. In fact the National Institute of Health estimates that people with good intestinal health and good intrinsic factor only absorb approximately 2% of B12.

Vitamin B12 is a very important compound for our bodies to function properly. B-12 is needed to produce energy, maintain normal cognitive function especially a good mood, short-term memory and is needed to make red blood cells, synthesize DNA during cell division.

Transdermal Patches for Superior Delivery of Vitamin B-12

As soon as you apply the vitamin B-12 patch to the skin the nutrients are readily available to your body through the skin and by way of the small blood vessels called capillaries that supply vitamins to your body organs and tissues.

A transdermal delivery system is far superior system that cannot be achieved by taking oral vitamin pills. As much as 10 times the absorption of vitamin B-12 is absorbed transdermally as compared to oral supplementation.

B-12 is a water soluble vitamin and what your body does not need it is excreted by your system naturally.

The convenience and protection you give to your body to make sure it is getting enough B12 to maintain proper health is evident with the transdermal B12 patch.

If you really think about the money you spend on expensive vitamin pills when only 2% is absorbed,  they do produce a beautiful yellow color which basically tells you where 98% of your hard earned dollars are going!