Are you getting the amount of vitamin D your body needs? The answer is probably not, unless you are exposing enough bare skin to sunshine regularly for 15 to 20 minutes when the sun is directly above you. Most people don’t get outside enough or wear sunscreen preventing the absorption of vitamin D through your skin.

You cannot get enough vitamin D from the foods you eat and if you are obese or pregnant you need higher levels of vitamin D.

So how do I make sure I am getting enough vitamin D for good health. Either sun exposure or supplementing. Innovative Balance now offers the vitamin D patch you can simply wear on your skin to be absorbed naturally through your skin just like a daily ray of sunshine.
A staggering amount of the population are vitamin D deficient. Getting a vitamin D blood test is the only true way to determine if you are vitamin D deficient and your doctor can test your 25(OH)D levels.

Vitamin D is so important to overall health and is unique from other vitamins because your body actually converts vitamin D into a hormone which is sometimes called calcitriol or “activated vitamin D”.

Activated vitamin D helps your body in the following ways:

• Insures absorption of calcium for strong bones
• Anti-cancer effects
• Fights infection by promoting a strong immune system
• Supports a healthy respiratory system, healthy lungs and airways
• Strong brain development in children
• Promotes healthy circulation and cardiovascular function

Because of new technological advancements and easier less expensive testing methods physicians began testing their patients more frequently for levels of vitamin D in their patients blood. New studies were done and statistics shocked the health world. Health professionals have become increasingly aware of the importance vitamin D plays in the prevention of diseases and are now understanding how vitamin D works in the body that are linked to conditions such as;

• Cancer
• Type I as well as type II diabetes
• Alzheimer disease
• Asthma
• High blood pressure
• Autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis and Chron’s disease

Insuring your body receives adequate levels of vitamin D will help promote all of your body’s cells to communicate properly, fight infections off and new studies show that vitamin D could play a very important role in preventing some serious long term health problems.

Today vitamin D is seen as a vital ingredient to good health.